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We are De Visu.

De Visu is a professional studio which offers a large range of high quality visualisation services to architects, designers, city planners, or real estate investors.

From photorealistic simulation to hand-made illustration, our long professional praxis in the architectural field allows us to efficiently communicate with our customers and together find the best presentation strategy for every single project regardless of its scale or complexity.

Based on the latest stand of unbiased render technology De Visu is specialized in accurate lightning simulation, believing that only thru this one can truly highlight the functional and aesthetical potential of a new design.

De Visu is also an open network of highly engaged 3D professionals which allows us to combine various competences in a flexible and time critical manner, in order to achieve the high stylistic standard that your ideas deserve.

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Sébastien Bernard
Herzogstr. 86
40215 Düsseldorf

+49 211 99541722

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How does it work?

Our pricing can change according to this following factors.

  1. The size of the 3D model and the requested detailing level.
  2. The amount of images. Ordering several images from the same 3D model will decrease the price per image.
  3. The available time before delivering.

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